Thursday, September 30, 2010


The weather has been amazing lately, and I have figured out that if I lived in a nicer climate I might be more productive. Either that or Fall is my Spring. Because if I look back at the spring, I'd see that I really didn't have any interested in spring cleaning. Of course, I had just been diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy and just wasn't interested in much. On Monday, when the temp didn't get above 80 I opened most of the windows in the house and vacuumed. And after that I straightened stuff, and found odd projects around the house that needed fixing. Like the picture of the iguana that had fallen inside the frame. I took it apart and fixed it. I lined the drawers in Autumn's bathroom (13 months after moving in, but we don't use the drawers). I cleaned off my dresser and dusted my nightstand. On Tuesday the temps rose a tad, but I still kept the windows open and got to work. I vacuumed and steam cleaned our bathroom. With 17 year old carpet it is sort of pointless, because it is so worn and spotted from the previous owner. And it doesn't really look as good as I hoped after cleaning, but at least I can see the dirty water going down the sink.

On Wednesday I sorted and put away two big bags of Autumn's clothes from the past year. So many little outfits. They ended up in three large vacuum bags. I have a few pieces that I want Autumn to try on that might fit from last winter before I put them all away, but so far she isn't in the mood for dress up.

Today we went to story time at a bookstore. It wasn't as great as I hoped. I was really looking forward to this since it was Curious George, but I was disappointed. She wasn't interested in the story and she kept asking to go play. At one point she said she needed to go to the bathroom (and she did, though I was suspecting it was just to do something else). The most fun was had afterward when she got to play with Anna. I'm thinking that this might be her first friend that she has gravitated to (that hasn't been in school where I can't see how she interacts without me). At playgroups she never really played with the other kids until Anna showed up. They played with books separately and then towards the end they were running around the shelves chasing each other. Which did get out of hand, so we had to reign them in. Michelle and I had already set up for the kids to play at the park after school on Monday, so when they got upset that we had to leave we could at least console them with that. Also, they held hands while walking out of the store and into the parking lot. Autumn talked about that for awhile once we had said goodbye.

I'm not sure why I am writing all this down, but I feel like I am so far behind in Autumn's blog that I don't have the day to day ramblings of what really went on and only the pictures. So maybe I can capture things here, but probably not...

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