Saturday, November 13, 2010

Columns and Arches?

First off, Thanksgiving decorations!  Well, Thanksgiving transition.  Halloween is going away.  I took down the Halloween banner and put this one up.

On a whim, and because we had a lot of paint left, I painted these columns.  They were the same color as the kitchen and since I knew we'd repaint that at some point I decided to do some experimenting.

At first I didn't really like it because the contrast of what you saw when you looked past them into the kitchen was really strong.  But now I don't really see the columns (which is what I was going for) I just see past them into the kitchen.

Here they are after Richard got on the ladder and finished the job.

Oh, and we took the books and fake foliage and wine bottle down that the guy who owned the house before us left.

Now what the hell color should I paint the kitchen?

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