Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The 3rd Coat

The lady at the paint counter tried to tell me that it was the difference in the finishes (eggshell vs whatever is in the sample pot) that made the differences in the paint color.  I'm sorry, but if the finish type changes the paint color that much they'd have to put out paint chip papers in each finish for each color.  Because it was a completely different color. So it was either she try to match the sample pot or I try to find another color that matched the sample pot and then they could replicate (not holding my breath) the color easier if we needed another gallon. So I found another paint chip and debated whether to get a sample pot or just get the whole gallon. What's the point of a sample pot if it is going to be wrong? We got the gallon.

Which meant that on Sunday afternoon we put a third coat of paint on that stupid teal wall.  I wasn't quite sure if I liked it, but I knew that Richard wouldn't be up for a fourth coat anytime soon.  The left wall is painted and you can see in the corner where we've cut in the paint on the right wall.

Here is the third color on the bottom and left covering up the minty fresh paint.

It's taken until today for me to say that I like the color.  I've looked at it in all different lights (and there are many different lights that hit the wall behind the TV - which is where I spend most of my time looking in this room) and I can live with some of it and I like other lights.

It is very hard to get the real color in a photo, but this is close, and also, it is only during one of the lights.

We still have to do the fireplace wall and an adjoining short wall.  I'm not sure how I'll like the fireplace wall, because the color that it is now really pops out the black fireplace.

And this weekend Richard and his mom are going to paint Autumn's room.  Then hopefully I can get some decorating done in her room (after 14 months of living here).

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