Thursday, October 21, 2010


Why can't the color on the sample chip match the color in the sample pot match the color that comes in the gallon of paint we bought? How can it be so different? We got the teal wall primed on Saturday and the green paint (Aspiration from Lowe's) up on Sunday (only the first coat). When we started I thought "this looks darker than I remember, but I like it in this little area that is done".

Then Richard did the high up cutting in and I did the low.

The light was changing as the sun was moving and at a certain point I thought "this really looks different, I'm not sure I like it". So I painted a swatch on the wall above the swatch from the sample pot. Yeah, completely different color.

The top is what is all over the big wall and just below that is the color I wanted. Now the dilemma is whether to finish painting the other walls in the room that color and then go back with the sample pot and get the correct color as the second coat (because it definitely needs a second coat). Really it comes down to if I can live with the color it is now, and I just don't think I can. Though it looks tolerable and even pleasant during different times of the day due to the sunlight, I think it is just too minty and not classy enough for me. Not that I'm so classy, but I wanted something that was subtle and neutral.


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